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Patients' progress reports

A., female, 30 years, self-employed

I was abused by my father, could entrust myself finally. That felt so good. Today am free, a huge burden has fallen from me. - Thank you

M., female, 55 years, banker

I always felt unlovable, like an ugly duckling. In therapy I learned what's in me. I, too, am beautiful and lovable. I'm still married today. - Thank you

S., female, 35 years, former foster child

When you first contact I was still shaking all over my body was full of fear, afraid of being rejected, today I am married have two children. - Thank you

Y., female, married, 45 years

I fled to the women's refuge , my husband banging my head against the wall ... Doctor Lumbeck makes it possible, what I did not consider possible. Today, my husband no longer beats me. - Thank you

A., female, 32 years, psychologist, childless

Heart fears led me to the doctor. In my childhood we found many causes. Today I am free and happy. I am married and pregnant. - Thank you

A., male, 42 years, victim of torture

Often I am formerly simply crazy, you did not understand my fear, I myself was blind with fear. In trauma therapy, I learned to trust internally. - Thank you

H., male, married, two sons, 55 years

Blood cancer and a slight depression led me into practice. I learned to deal with my past and found a new future. - Thank you

A., male, 32 years, married, two children, depressions, loss of job

I had lost my job, was married and responsible for two children, I did not know which way to turn. The doctor asked the right questions, I sought and found answers. - Thank you

C., doctor

I was fully able to work during the entire therapy. Feel free with new life force now. Can only recommend to the colleague. He is sensitive and powerful at the same time. Opened me gently but clearly the eyes! Thank you

S., prosecutor

I was fit for duty and quickly realized my "view error" and blind spots. Now I was finally able to rebind. Thank you

W., pharmacist

My eyes were opened to a certain extent. A new perspective was found. Now I introduce a new happier life. Thank you

B., "employee" of a very large bank

At last I got clear about my me constricting past. The doctor prevented to overall negative assessment on my part. Now I lead a much more conscious more loving and fulfilling life. Thank you

D., "employee" of a large bank

I finally understood what my body was trying to tell for years. Thank you

A., judge

Actually, I was strong, lived a conscious and responsible life. Ultimately, I was even more and become my profession and my family now nor equitable. Interestingly, my life became easier and more beautiful. Thank you