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Individual confidential initial counselling

Please, dare to ask, you gain many years of increased quality of life. Do I have a depression, an anxiety disorder, a mental illness? The psychotherapeutic initial consultation is conducted by Dr. Lumbeck / Mrs. Lumbeck. This offer is self-payer service. The psychotherapeutic individual initial consultation is more than a psychotherapeutic "probatory session /test session" paid by the statutory health insurance. It includes the creation of a genogram, a biography, an analysis, an individual comparison, what is normal, what is difficult, some pathological. This service can not be expense by the statutory health insurance. It will be billed according to the fee regulation for physicians.

The individual confidential initial counselling is no statutory health service, but does not imply only a 50-minute conversation, but a biographical anamnesis and the creation of a genogram.

For employers

Individual initial counselling for prospective employees

For employers, it is valuable to offer an individual initial consultation to its (prospective) employees.